Chris Cuomo Ends Show with Gun Control Sermon: Why Won’t Congress Act?

‘It is a fact that there has been no meaningful legislation in Congress to stop the shootings’


CUOMO: "We don’t know why this gunman decided murder was his only option, but police say it was specific. Maybe it had something to do with mental illness or personal issues or some combination. Who knows. But what we do know for sure is that it’s another example of a gun violence pandemic that our society is maddeningly willing to accept. It is a fact that there has been no meaningful legislation in Congress to stop the shootings. So, more dead. More lives shattered, more proof that we have a problem. Also more reason to do something to stop the damn shootings. Now, the shooting taken together with the kids stranded at the border and the political punch-fest that we’re suffering, all lead us to the same problem. Those kids torn from parents, dumped all over the country, the harshness of that move, the lies about fixing it, the slow fade of interest in our society about it. The empty calls for civility. Why empty? Because they’re mostly made by those who are decidedly uncivil. Yeah, I’m talking about the President." 

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