Gingrich on Kennedy Vacancy: This ‘Is a Huge Moment for the President and for the Country’

‘He is already on the edge of making a remarkable impact’


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REAGAN: "I am today announcing my intention to nominate United States Circuit Judge Anthony Kennedy to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. ... Judge Kennedy is what many in recent weeks have referred to as a true conservative—one who believes that our constitutional system is one of enumerated powers—that it is we, the people who have granted certain rights to the Government, not the other way around."
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EARHARDT: "That is President Ronald Reagan in 1987 nominating Justice Kennedy. He had two failed nominations. So then he decided I’m going to go with a friend, a guy I know. When he was governor of the state of California, they were friends."
DOOCY: "All right. So that was at the beginning. Now, since he has announced his retirement he is at the end of his career. Let’s talk to Newt Gingrich, a Fox News contributor, a former speaker of the house, ran for president, got a great book called 'Trump’s America.' He joins us live. Newt, you know, with the next nomination, President Trump could be on the verge of nominating somebody conservative who would give the Supreme Court the conservative edge that Republicans have dreamed of for a lifetime."
GINGRICH: "Well I think this is a huge moment for the president and for the country. Certainly he is going to name somebody who is conservative. I think he has a list already out of the 25 names he's looking. And so when he picked Gorsuch, Gorsuch was on the list and Trump kept his word from the campaign. He's probably going to pick somebody younger because he has a very keen sense that getting people who can serve 20 or 30 or 40 years really shapes for a generation what happens. He's been doing that to the appeals court judges and to the district judges. He is already on the edge of making a remarkable impact. This will certainly strengthen that. And I think some time this fall we will have a solidly conservative Supreme Court justice approved and on the bench."

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