L.Z. Granderson vs. Cornel West: Obama Was ‘the Marion Barry of Chicago’

‘He was like a Marion Barry because he had other options and he chose to help people’

L.Z. Granderson vs. Cornel West: Obama Was "The Marion Barry Of Chicago" (RealClearPolitics)

BORGER: "OK. I want L.Z. to get the last word here. And we’ve been talking about Marion Barry, we’ve been talking about President Obama. Two completely different types of politicians who book ended the civil rights movement I would say in many ways. Could President Obama learn something from Marion Barry’s activism?"

GRANDERSON: "Well, I think we forget he had a life before he became President Obama."

BORGER: "Yes."

GRANDERSON: "He was a Marion Barry, if you will, for the City of Chicago. That man — that man —"

WEST: "No, no. He was never the Marion Barry of Chicago."

GRANDERSON: "No, no, no, no, no. What I’m saying — what I’m saying is — let me finish."

WEST: "No, Marion was a courageous brother —" [crosstalk]

GRANDERSON: "Would you allow me to finish."

WEST: "Yes. Fine."

GRANDERSON: "I know you have your issue with the president."

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