Steve Schmidt: ‘Dems Should Dig in Hard Here and Do Everything They Conceivably Can to Block this Nomination’

‘They stole a Supreme Court seat from the Democrats’


SCHMIDT: "But Mitch McConnell has, as much as anyone, done great damage to the United States Senate as an institution that was once known as the world’s greatest deliberative body. They stole a Supreme Court seat from the Democrats. And for the fabric of our democracy, Democrats should dig in hard here and do everything they conceivably can do to block this nomination, any nomination from going forward until after we see what happens in the midterm election. This is also, and I think it is important to point out, a president who is increasingly lawless, who asserts himself to be above the law, who attacks constantly fundamental institutions and pillars in the middle of a criminal investigation that has moved closer and closer and closer to the Oval Office."

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