Matthews Calls on Dems to Obstruct SCOTUS Nominee Until They Retake Senate

‘They have to stop this until next year when we have a new Senate’

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MATTHEWS: "This Supreme Court, this 5-4 court has been pro-Republican, pro-gun, pro-money and against immigration — anti-immigrant, if you will. I think the Democrats, as I said a few moments ago, have to fight this tooth and nail. They have to use every process, opportunity they have to stop this until next year when we have a new Senate. We don’t know whether next year's Senate will be Republican or Democratic nominated. But to give this to the Republicans when they control the Senate basically 51 or 50-49 with John McCain perhaps not voting again, to give them this last chance to pack the court 5-4 again hard conservative, I say this, the base will attack the leadership for this if they allow it to happen and they should."

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