Dave Brat: Democratic Party Is ‘Unrecognizable’ in Favor of Socialism Against Private Property Rights

‘A lot of people don’t know what socialism is because it’s debunked by history’


BRAT: "They move way left. J.F.K. was a Massachusetts Democrat liberal in the old classical Democrat liberal, but he was proud of his Judeo-Christian tradition and his Catholic faith, he was strong on defense, strong on sovereignty, he was for tax cuts. What has happened to the Democratic Party when you have that move away from an icon in J.F.K. to what is going on now? It’s an unrecognizable party in favor of socialism against private property rights. The young kids and a lot of people don’t know what socialism is anymore because it’s been so debunked by history, it's failed everywhere. But the left is just on a rant lately so that is what we have coming at us."

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