Willie Geist: The Enthusiasm, Smarts, Youth, Energy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won out over Joe Crowley

‘She worked hard for this’


GEIST: "She’s 28 years old. When she was in college at Boston University, she worked in Ted Kennedy’s office up there. She worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign. Her beliefs are well-known. She wants Medicare-for-all. She wants a federal jobs guarantee. We’ll ask her how to pay for some of those things. But her energy and enthusiasm, her youth, Joe, we always talk about a candidate who fits the district in the way that Connor Lamb fits his in Pennsylvania, she fits hers. It was a smart campaign, a well-run campaign and she worked for it. I think Joe Crowley, who a lot of people praised last night as a very good man and a good congressman, he may have taken this seat for granted. He ran unopposed for the last 14 years, a 20-year incumbent. He outspent her 18-1 on this race. Didn’t show up at a debate and some other things. But the enthusiasm, the smarts, the youth, the energy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won out last night."

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