Tarlov on Maxine Waters: ‘This Is Not a President Who Is Afraid To Condone Violence Himself’

‘It’s incredibly difficult for us to say Maxine Waters is a huge problem’


TARLOV: "I think it was appropriate that Nancy Pelosi came out against this and there have been other top level Democrats who say this is not how we do business. She didn’t call for violence, by the way, that wasn’t explicit in what she said there. Democrats are really having a difficult time dealing with the civility issue because President Trump did win doing that, he even had an aggressive tweet to Maxine Waters yesterday saying, 'Be careful what you wish for. He has said he would pay the legal fees for people who hurt protesters, he said things like, 'I want to punch them in the face.' He said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville when somebody died. This is not a president who is afraid to condone violence himself. So it’s incredibly difficult for us to say Maxine Waters is a huge problem and then see that Donald Trump gets away with this scot-free."

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