Waters: Let’s Not Talk About My Harassment Comments, ‘I’m Focused on the Children’

‘They’re trying to make sure that people understand that we’re focused on the children and that we’re not focused on this diversion’


WATERS: "They don't really say what I'm out of line. What they do is try to find a way talk that about civility without attacking me or anybody else as the leader of the Democratic Party, I expect that she would do everything that she could to make sure nobody believes that Democrats are out here harassing anybody or causing any violence. And I think that she was very responsible in the way she said that they're not attacking me. They're trying to make sure that people understand that we're focused on the children and that we're not focused on this diversion, particularly the way the president would have it sound and make it out to be. And again, let me just tell you this. I am focused on the children. I've had sleepless nights about the fact that these children do not -- we do not know where they are. The parents don't know where they are."

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