‘Morning Joe’ Debates Sarah Sanders: ‘Should Someone Who Lies Constantly’ Be ‘Welcome in Open Society?’

‘There are choices and Sarah Sanders has made her choices’

Morning Joe Debates Sarah Sanders: ‘Should Someone Who Lies Constantly’ be ‘Welcome in Open Society?’ (Mediaite)

On Morning Joe on Monday, the weekend’s biggest story came up pretty quickly as the panel discussed Sarah Sanders being kicked out of a restaurant by the owner because she works for the President of the United States.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski first addressed NBC News political analyst Elise Jordan, saying to her that Sanders had a “legitimate” issue before then asking “but who cares?”

Jordan answered with a rhetorical question and then answered herself.

“Should someone who lies constantly and enables the president’s lies be openly welcomed in society wherever they please? Should they face any kind of social or societal pressure?” she said. “I’m increasingly weighing towards yes, even though I’m all about civility.”

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