CNN: Sarah Sanders Says She Was Kicked Out of a Restaurant Because She Works for Trump

‘The owner of ‘The Red Hen’ restaurant intervened and asked Sarah Sanders and her family to leave’

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SANCHEZ: “We got tipped off to this story after a server at the red hen restaurant in Virginia posted on Facebook say, I’m paraphrasing, that they attempted to serve Sarah Sanders for a short while before the owner of that restaurant intervened and asked Sarah Sanders and her family, seven of her family members, to leave the restaurant. We reached out to the red hen. We’ve yet to hear back from them. But I reached out to Sarah Sanders and she referred me to her Twitter account in which she confirmed this story. Here’s what the press secretary for President Trump tweeted out. She writes, quote, last night I was told by the owner of red hen in Lexington, Virginia, to leave because I work for president Trump. I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully, and will continue to do so. As you can imagine, Fred, the yelp reviews for the red hen in Virginia are very political right now. Jokes aside, we should point out that this is only the latest instance that we’ve seen a trump Administration official have a hard time while going out to eat this week. We saw reports that Stephen Miller was heckled as he was trying to eat at a Mexican restaurant. We’ve seen video of the secretary of the department of homeland security getting booed out of a restaurant here in D.C. Also a Mexican restaurant as a result of the trump Administration’s immigration policy.”

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