Jonah Goldberg: Never Underestimate the Things Obama Will Do for Spite

‘I think the guy can’t help himself often and simply wants that twist and pinch and rub it in on the other side’

Jonah Goldberg: Don't Underestimate What Obama Will Do for Spite (RealClearPolitics)

JONAH GOLDBERG: In effect, we really have a coalition going on on the right in Congress, it's the Republicans who follow Boehner and the tea party caucus that essentially doesn't. They'll work together on some things. What usually happens in the wake of these kinds of things is that most Republicans -- and in other circumstances, the Democrats, but in this case the Republicans -- are looking to put the fissure behind them and they're actually going to be more unified on the next issue that comes down the pipe. So, the people who broke with the tea party guys can say, 'Hey, look, this was a unique thing. We really aren't the moderates or the RINOs you claim that we are.'

I also think it's never wise to underestimate the degree to which Obama does things for spite. There are good theoretical, strategic reasons why he might be trying to defy the Congress, but the thing about lancing the blister, whatever the phrase was about going after Boehner, I think the guy can't help himself often and simply wants that twist and pinch and rub it in on the other side and say, 'hey, I was right all along.' Sometimes it's just an 'I told you so' coming from him.

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