Kimmel: Sharing a Sleeping Bag with Bill Cosby Might Be More Fun than a Trump Rally

‘Anything more fun than a Trump rally?’


KIMMEL: "Good question. Let’s see. Anything more fun than a Trump rally? Nonconsensual colonoscopy? Mesothelioma? Driving a station wagon filled with wasps? Rattlesnake? Maybe sharing a sleeping bag with Bill Cosby? There’s a few. Why is he even in Duluth? Is he a president or a rally monkey? No gathering of the Trumpalos would be complete without mention of the crowd size. Trump tweeted this photograph, so sorry people waiting to get into the already packed arena, I love you all. It has nothing to do with loving any of them and everything to do with, look how many people came out to see me, wasn’t it a lot? Some people are surprised so many people came out to see Donald Trump. Keep in mind this is Duluth. I looked up the top five fun attractions in Duluth on trip advisor. Number four was this, the Thompson hill information center. Okay?"

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