David Brody: Evangelical Leaders Pushed Trump into Changing Separation

‘If there is a line, it is a compassion line’


BERMAN: "President Trump reversed his decision on family separations. A group that had been strongly critical of the practice, evangelical leaders. How influential were they in getting the president to change course? Joining me now is the chief political correspondent for The Christian Broadcasting Network, our friend, David Brody. David, thanks so much for being with us. I always learn something when I get a chance to talk to you. You've been on the phone with a whole lot of people. Do these evangelical leaders, do they think they pushed the president here to make this reversal? 
BRODY: "One hundred percent. Can I go higher than -- I guess I can go higher than 100 percent. Yes, absolutely. Those statements in public, whether it be from Ralph Reed, Sammy Rodriguez, one of the conservative evangelical leaders, all of that made a difference. And, honestly, John, behind the scenes as well that this Faith Advisory Council we hear so much about, look, they have been communicating with this White House, making known their displeasure about this. And because of that, we have seen clearly -- look, they're not going to say in publicly, but the truth of the matter is, they've been pushing the White House on this and it's been a big part of the reason why you see this executive order." 

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