Hannity: The ‘Deep State House of Cards’ at the FBI Is Beginning to Collapse, People Will Go to Jail

‘We are learning another wrinkle in the deep state — ‘


HANNITY: "My prediction he ain’t going to talk. He will join us in a few minutes. And we know strzok is the tip of the FBI high level corruption. The ig referred 5 for pending action. This is beginning to collapse. People will go to jail over this. We are learning another wrinkle in the deep state surrounding Christopher Steele. The foreign spy whom the Clinton campaign paid for to produce phoney Russian lies against trump, Steele, he was welcomed at Obama’s State Department just days before the 2016 election where he allegedly briefed officials. What did John Kerry and Obama know? What did they do with this phoney information? When is the media going to start talking about this? What is the next shoe to drop in all of this? We have more to come in the biggest political scandal in your lifetime. You are at the forefront of seeing it."

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