Ted Lieu: ‘Secretary Nielsen Needs To Resign; Her Credibility Has Been Shredded’

‘With today’s executive order that reverses this policy, we know it was all lies’

BLITZER: " Joining us now congressman Ted Lu. Thank you so much for joining us. Let me get your quick reaction. The president announcing that the families will now at least be kept together, but they will be held together in detention while the parents face criminal prosecution. What’s your reaction to this solution, this executive order signed by the president today?"
LIEU: "Thank you, wolf, for your question. Today’s action shows that Donald Trump and secretary Nielsen lied to the American people repeatedly. They first said there was no family separation policy. Then they tried to blame it on the Democrats. Then they said only Congress can do it. With today’s executive order that reverses this policy, we know it was all lies. That’s why secretary Nielsen needs to resign. Her credibility has been shredded. I and many other members of Congress no longer have faith in her. This executive order has a number of problems that might not actually solve the ultimate issue."

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