Keith Olbermann: Bill O’Reilly Is the ‘Worst Person in the Sports World’

‘This is fun. This brings back memories’

Olbermann Finds a Way to Make Bill O’Reilly ‘World’s Worst Person in Sports’ (Mediaite)

When Keith Olbermann returned to ESPN last summer, he vowed that he would only discuss political figures like Barack Obama and George W. Bush as they relate to sports. Presumably, the same goes for his former cable news competition, which is why Olbermann must have been thrilled when he heard that Bill O’Reilly would beappearing on ESPN radio this week.

Even better was the fact that radio host Dan Le Batard asked O’Reilly to comment on Olbermann’s accusations that he was lying about his college football career. O’Reilly refused to respond to allegations from “smear merchants,” leading Olbermann to name him today’s “Worst Person in the Sports World.”

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