Mike Barnicle: This Is the Story of Children Being Taken Hostage

‘They’re being branded now, with these pictures that every American is seeing’


BARNICLE: "This is our story. The story of children being taken hostage on a hot Texas landscape, held in cages, away from their parents, being used as pawns to get money to build a wall, by a Republican Party whose policy is to separate them from their families, from their mothers and their fathers. That’s our story in America today. And it’s up to the people of America and the people who represent them in Congress to decide whether that’s the story they want to go with. And politically, Michael, I would estimate, think, guess, that it’s political malpractice. With a booming economy, with no matter what you think of what took place in Singapore, a president meeting with the North Korean dictator to resolve some nuclear issues and the threat of war, they’re not concentrating on that. They’re being branded now with these pictures that every American is seeing."

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