Jackie Speier: Trump’s ‘Violating the Law’ Separating Illegal Families

‘Mr. Sessions, to the president of the United States, if you really do read the bible, read Leviticus 19’

WITT: "Okay. I want to move to the other big story of the day, the trump Administration’s refusal to back down on the policy separating children from their parents. I know that you will get a firsthand look at one of these detention facilities. You have accused the president of using these children as hostages just in an attempt to try to pressure Democrats. If we’re going to use the word hostage, what are Democrats prepared to give up in order to end this policy?"
SPEIER: "I think the president is violating the law and I believe that it is incumbent on all of those who are in a position of authority to file lawsuits. You know, I was in church this morning reading Leviticus chapter 19 in which then alien in your own land, you should treat them as you would your neighbor and furthermore this is not the kind of conduct that should be allowed. It also says that you need to be reminded that you were aliens in Egypt. Mr. Sessions, to the president of the United States, if you really do read the bible, read Leviticus 19."
WITT: "And I do want to get your take on the negotiations with North Korea, how it has been unfolding since Tuesday. The president told reporters on Friday that he might give the north Korean leader a call today. What does that tell you about where we are in trying to secure an actual agreement?"
SPEIER: "I will tell you that I applaud the president for engaging with chairman Kim. I’m not confident in his negotiating skills, but far better for them to be talking than for them to be throwing epitaphs at each other, increasing the likely hood of an all-out war. The president thinks that it is a one and done kind of deal. It is not. So he will probably be having many conversations with Kim."
WITT: "All right. Jackie Speier, good to see you. Thank you so much."

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