Fmr. Obama Deputy Sec. of State: We’re Safer Today Because of Obama’s Policies

‘The Obama Administration did stop Iran’s nuclear program in its tracks’


JENKINS: "This is an important topic of discussion. Joel, let me start with you. Because this question points back to four years ago. Are we safer today than we were four years ago?"
RUBIN: "We certainly are and thanks to President Obama’s policies that’s how we got to this point defeat of the Islamic state in terms of shrinking its space, its ground game, that was organized by the Obama Administration. And so this administration is wisely continued on that passments the Obama Administration did stop Iran’s nuclear program in its tracks. Unfortunately, that’s under threat now that the Trump Administration has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. So, that could be a new threat that we have to deal with. And we’re still waiting to see if North Korea will go further on its nuclear programs than it already has on Trump’s watch. There is lot to be thankful for for President Obama." 

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