O’Connor: Cillizza Is Trying to Make Sure Everybody Believes There’s No There There on IG Report

‘Saying Peter Strzok doesn’t influence the case is unbelievable for anybody observing’

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O'CONNOR: "No byou they are acting that way. Chris is trying so hard to make sure everybody believes there is no there, there. Saying Peter Strzok doesn’t influence the case is unbelievable for anybody observing. They are being disingenuous. What Mr. Horowitz said is not there was no political bias influencesing this investigation. He said he did not find any documentary evidence to prove that. In other words, Peter Strzok didn’t write an email to all friends and co-workers saying help Hillary and hurt trump and here’s how we will do it. He doesn’t have to say it. If you are in a club or a room and everybody agrees on something, like the U.S. Military, it’s not like the U.S. Military has to have a strategy meeting every day and say today we will defend the nation. It’s the given. It’s what everyone understands they are supposed to do. That’s what was at play here."

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