Charles Payne on Tariffs: Anyone Who Keeps Doubting Trump They Keep Making a Mistake

‘I think they keep making a mistake’


PAYNE: "There are other things going on, the strength of the dollar, yesterday’s spiking, central-bank accommodations, you know, the federal reserve’s putting something and slowing down the economy. So there are a whole lot of factors. I don't -- it's interesting because you have two schools of thoughts. A lot of people thought that it would be done a whole lot more. If Wall Street was really concerned about this that it'll sort of derail the economy, by the same token, we knew it was coming."
FAULKNER: "So it’s kind of baked in."
PAYNE: "It should’ve been baked in for sure. Anyone who doubt at President Trump at this point that he would do something I think they keep making a mistake."

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