‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Paul Ryan: He’s Helping Trump Notion the FBI Is Corrupt, Your Love of Country Is Coming Through

‘Paul Ryan is helping the president with the notion that the FBI is corrupt’


SCARBOROUGH: "Willie, I think Paul Ryan needs to understand, the public does trust the F.B.I. It’s just the President of the United States who doesn’t trust the F.B.I."
BRZEZINSKI: "Paul Ryan knows that."
SCARBOROUGH: "And it’s sycophants and lackeys on Capitol Hill who are trashing the F.B.I. every day."
GEIST: "I think the President has convinced a certain segment of the population that the F.B.I. is corrupt." 
BRZEZINSKI: "And Paul Ryan is helping him do that. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Your love of country is really coming through today. Coming through for the United States of America."
GESIT: "And you mentioned the EPA stuff, it’s staggering, he said he hadn’t heard of any of the Scott Pruitt scandals."

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