Mika Brzezinski Burns Trump for ‘Stunningly Ignorant’ Korean War Comments: He’s ‘Warped’

‘He’s ignorant, he’s warped, he’s obsessed with money and sex’

Mika Brzezinski Burns Trump For ‘Stunningly Ignorant’ Korean War Comments: He’s ‘Warped’ (Mediaite

Mika Brzezinski raked Donald Trump across the coals on Thursday as she reviewed the latest controversial statements regarding his summit with Kim Jong Un.

When the president spoke to Fox’s Bret Baier last night, he claimed that the families of fallen soldiers who served in the Korean War keep asking him to retrieve their remains from the battlefield. The Korean War ended in 1953, and most parents of the average veteran from that conflict would be more than 100 years old by now.

When Brzezinski and Morning Joe did the math on Trump’s claim, Brzezinski lamented that the president is “stunningly ignorant, probably the most ignorant president we will ever have.” Joe Scarborough pushed back by saying Trump is a liar, rather than ignorant, though Brzezinski said he was giving POTUS too much credit.

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