Gohmert: Mueller Is ‘Covering’ for Himself on Uranium One While at the Same Time He’s Plotting a ‘Coup’ Against Trump

‘He has wasted money right and left’


JENKINS: "Very quickly on this topic. Because I have another one I want to get. To say there is 17 million in roughly 10 months. What will your piece of legislation do that will give us a month-by month, a tracking opportunity to see where this money is going?"
GOHMERT: "Well, it’s just going through item by item what he has been spending money on he has wasted money right and left. Amazingly. He has hired people likewise man that worked with him and Rosenstein in investigating the Russian illegal efforts to obtain our uranium which they quashed information in order to allow the sale to go through so that Hillary could get the 145 million for her foundation so it is really outrageous. He is covering for himself at the same time is he trying to have a coup against the president."

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