Chris Murphy: Russia Paid a Lot Of Money Getting Trump Elected and They’re Getting Their ROI

‘They are getting a big return on their investment’


HAYES: "Joining me Chris Murphy a member of the Senate foreign relations committee. Letting Russia back into the what would be g-8. Do you think it’s a good idea?"
MURPHY: "This is a pretty high ROI for Russian interference in the 2016 American election. They are getting a big return on their investment in that they have done absolutely nothing to deserve to come back into the g-8 in particular, they have not move one inch inside Ukraine. They got kicked out because the g-7 thought it was probably a pretty important principle to tell countries inside our club you can’t invade other countries. And that having been unchanged they don’t deserve to be back inside. But they paid a lot of money to try to get President Trump into office. And they’re getting their return on their investment today."

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