Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Has an Agreement with Russia and with Putin to Lift the Sanctions’

‘It’s about Putin wanting to drill for oil’

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GURA: "Those are strong allegation there is. I want to pin you down a little bit on that. What makes you think that and what power, if that is the case, do you and your colleagues have to make sure the integrity of those sanctions stay in place?"
WATERS: "Well, I believe that the way that Putin and Russia and the Kremlin involve themselves in our election to make sure that Trump got elected, everything that they did, including, you know, hacking into, again, the DNC but also the targeting that they did on social media, what they — the way that they bought the ads, all of that is about an agreement that they had. It’s not simply that he likes the United States and somehow he thinks this president would be better for him. It’s about money. It’s about the sanctions. It’s about Putin wanting to drill for oil. And with the sanctions on, he can’t get the equipment, the supplies. He can’t get help from our allies. He is basically stopped from doing what he wants to do but for what I think is an agreement with this president. And I know that I am talking about my opinions, but I wish that they would be paid attention to, media, because I think you have to focus more on what this attempt is to get these sanctions lifted."
GURA: "Congresswoman, you’re the ranking member of the house financial services committee. In that capacity you have, I’ll assert, a good understanding for how interconnected the global economy is at this point. You’ve been watching this president as I’ve been watching this president interacting with our allies, casting doubt on the importance of those allies. There are economic underpinnings to that alliance as well. How do you react to what he says about the importance of that alliance and about the trade relationships he has with Canada and with the European union?"
WATERS: "Well, I think that this president has no respect for history, no respect for how these alliances have worked together and what that means for the world economy. I think he is destroyed of the kind of understanding about relationships internationally that leads him to think he can undo all of this at will. This trade war that he’s initiating is absolutely dangerous. And even the Republicans are saying so. They know that we should not be getting in a trade war with our allies. Why would he pick on Canada and Mexico and the European union? For some reason he seems to have more of an alliance with the dictators and the strong men of the world. And so I think he’s on the wrong track. He doesn’t know what he’s doing is dangerous, and I really do believe that the Congress of the United States really should not only pay attention but move to stop him and to intervene in what he’s doing. The speaker of the house has done nothing to maintain our importance as the legislature, as the Congress of the united States with certain responsibilities, and I just believe the president should be reined in and unfortunately the Congress has not done its job, has not lived up to its responsibility."

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