McCaskill: People in Missouri Are Very Worried About the Trade War

‘People in Missouri are very worried about the trade war’


MCCASKILL: "I mean, people are more worried about making everything come out even at the end of the month. Right now, people in Missouri are very worried about the trade war. You know, one out of three rows of beans in my state go to China. This nation that they’re saving a Chinese phone company that violated sanctions against Iran, that they’re going to give a lifeline to this company and — because the president wants to save Chinese jobs. In Missouri right now, small manufacturing in agriculture is very worried about trade. They’re very worried about health care costs. They’re very worried about whether or not anybody is ever going to stand up to Big Pharma. Because their costs of prescriptions -- and I’m talking about in the Medicare program, is going up year after year, because this administration and, unfortunately, too many in Congress, are refusing to say we should do the basic step of negotiating for lower prices for the volume in the Medicare program. That’s what people in my state are talking about and that’s what I’m focused on."

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