Ben Rhodes on Iranian Centrifuges: Iran Only Stopped Complying with the Iran Deal After Trump Pulled Out

‘He scrapped the deal’


RHODES: “Well, it demonstrates it is a response to what Trump did. Iran was complying about the deal. That is what the U.S. intelligence community thought and what the secretary of defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs testified to Congress. He scrapped the deal. It was entirely predictable that Iran would respond like this and start again another crisis where over time Iran could be restarting its nuclear program. It took six or seven years of sanctions and diplomacy to get to an Iran deal that put the type of constraints on Iran's program that he wants to get from North Korea when he goes to the summit next week. And what we're seeing now is, at the same time he’s trying to get a deal with North Korea that, if he’s lucky, will look anywhere near as good as the Iran deal. He’s putting at risk another nuclear crisis in the Middle East.”

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