Avenatti on New Lawsuit: Keith Davidson Was More Interested in Assisting Cohen and Trump in Lying to the American People

‘Keith Davidson instead of representing stormy Daniels, was more interested in colluding with his “pal”‘


AVENATTI: "Keith Davidson had a duty of loyalty at all times to Stormy Daniels relating to any issues concerning her relationship with Donald Trump, and that duty of loyalty is absolute and it is to be respected at all times, even after you are terminated as counsel. These text messages are very, very disturbing and they show that Keith Davidson, instead of representing Stormy Daniels, was more interested in colluding with his, quote, pal, close quote, as one of the text messages notes, Michael Cohen, and was more interested in assisting Michael Cohen and Donald Trump in basically lying to the American people about what had happened here. These text messages are explosive." 

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