CNN’s Phil Mudd Rips Trump for Treating N. Korea Better than Stalwart Ally Canada

‘It doesn’t make any sense’

CNN’s Phil Mudd crushes Trump for treating North Korea better than stalwart ally Canada (Raw Story)

Phil Mudd, the ex-deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center, slammed President Donald Trump on Wednesday for treating nemesis North Korea better right now than he’s treating longtime ally Canada.

During a CNN panel on Trump’s foreign policy, Mudd said he was amazed at how quickly Trump heaped praise on Kim Jong-un after the North Korean leader sent him flattering messages.

“When [Trump] decided he wanted a high-impact summit, he referred to the leadership skills of the North Korean leader and thanking him for releasing hostages after this new friend, the North Korean leader, murdered an American who was a hostage,” he said.

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