‘The View’ on David Frum’s Melania Tweet: Maybe ‘He’s Taking the Page’ from Donald Trump’s Book

‘I wonder if David Frum was taking a page from the book’


McCAIN: "So there has been rhetoric on the other side about her that's been very incendiary. So his response, while I think juvenile, I understand his commitment to defending his wife."
HAINES: "He should call out those people then and say, 'Hey, David Frum...'"
GOLDBERG: "I wonder if David Frum was taking a page from the book because he said, 'I could walk down to — I could get in the middle of the street and shoot somebody,' and didn’t he just say he could shoot —"
HAINES: "Comey."
BEHAR: "Giuliani said that."
GOLDBERG: "And I wonder if that’s what that is supposed to be. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s bad when you say you can shoot or hit anybody. It’s really dumb. But I wonder if he was trying to be amusing the way they were —"

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