Chuck Todd: Voters Didn’t ‘Hire’ GOP; They Can’t Just Be the ‘Anti-Obama Party’

‘Essentially, this was an election of “Well, alright, we’re firing the Democrats”‘

Chuck Todd: Voters Didn't 'Hire' GOP, Can't Just Be 'Anti-Obama Party' (NewsBusters)

Appearing on TBS's Conan Thursday night, NBC's Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd downplayed the big Republican wave in the midterm election: "...they didn't win because people said, 'We want to hire the Republicans.' Essentially this was an election of 'Well, alright, we're firing the Democrats'....I think the leadership knows that they have to prove that they can govern, that they're just not the anti-Obama party."

That was in response to host Conan O'Brien wondering: "The President has two years left. And he's got this problem....the President does not have the House and Senate. He has two years to go. Can he get anything done? it possible for him to compromise at this point with the Republicans or is that just not gonna happen?"

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