Mark Levin on Media’s Pardon Hysteria: I Am Speaking Slowly So Even Scarborough and Chris Cuomo Can Comprehend What I’m Saying

‘The Constitution is the president’s friend’

LEVIN: "All of these protections are built into our constitution to protect our constitution, to protect the president from the mob, the media, the Democrats that are a mob today. They are here to protect them. It’s not the president violating the Constitution, it’s the media who want the Constitution violated. It’s the Democrats who want the Constitution violated. It’s Mueller and his merry brand of Democrat prosecutors tipping around a constitutional confrontation. As I said here, every time I’ve been in your show, Sean, the Constitution is the president’s friend. I am speaking slowly so even Joe Scarborough can comprehend what I’m saying. Even Chris Cuomo can copperhead what I’m saying. The president is in this decision because of what is the Rosenstein did, he created an unconstitutional monster who is threatening to bring the president in front of a federal grand jury, which is unconstitutional and has never been done, with this notion of obstruction of justice when he exercises the prerogatives, they want to indict him, which has never been done." 

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