Reince Priebus: John Boehner’s Wrong, We Wouldn’t Have These Successes Today without the RNC and Trump

‘Since President Trump has been in office we have added over 334,000 manufacturing jobs’


PRIEBUS: "Well that may be true. But, you know, without the Republican national committee, and without a president that was disciplined and on message and speaking to the American worker, I don’t think we would have what we have today. So, you can never divorce that. And I will always remind people that the actual party infrastructure was a huge part of that campaign. As far as this issue is concerned, look, not since Ronald Reagan and I say maybe even beyond Reagan, President Trump had a personality and a persona and a brand that is so unique. Not just to American politics but to the country. That he sort of owns this piece of real estate. And no matter how anyone wants to analyze it, look, the Republican Party is a big entity. But, more than ever before. The trump brand is a huge entity. And it intersects each other about 85% of all of the things that trump and the party believe in. Debating whether or not trump is the party or the party is trump, to take the best of trump. Which I have always said from the very beginning, even when I was in the white House, just come on TV and say if the Republican Party becomes the permanent party of the American worker, we will never lose a national election again. Since President Trump has been in office. We have added over 334,000 manufacturing jobs. That is President Trump’s bread and butter. Of all the analysis out there this week about this great economy. I can tell you the one thing that the president has always been focused on is wage growth. Because he knows if people start putting more money in their pocket, it is salute teflon politically and for solidifying his future. I would just say that in a nutshell is where the party needs to be."

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