Jack Keane on North Korea Summit: ‘The President Has All the Cards Here’

‘Kim Jong un needs the summit, the president doesn’t need it’


KEANE: "First of all, the pressure is on Kim Jong un’s emissary. He is simply responding to the president’s letter. The president terminated the summit and said I am willing to talk, but if you want to get a hold of me, please do, and now, he has gotten a hold of him. He has given him a letter that I think it will be pretty basic and thing I really do want to go forward. I doubt seriously that this letter would make any significant concession here, which would actually speed the summit up. And I also think that we’ve got to pay attention to what Secretary Pompeo said yesterday. He talked about great progress, but he also said significant challenges and problems I had. And I think — he also mentioned the fact that we are trying to set the conditions going forward. So that means he is trying to resolve the differences between the U.S. position and the North Korean position and bring them closer so that in one, two, or three summits, you could actually get to the possession position. And therefore, you can give up those nuclear weapons. But we are not there yet, I don’t think it, Harris. And the president has all the cards here. I mean, Kim Jong un needs the summit, the president doesn’t need it. Using as much leverage as he has here to move them closer to our position, so that there is a possibility that something substantive can come out. If he thinks that these positions are so intractable by North Korea, not getting anything out of this, he doesn’t want to go to the summit and just have some fluff agreement, which is something that the previous administration has done on more than one occasion."

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