Trump on Denuclearization: ‘I Think They Want To Do That; They Want to Develop as a Country’

‘That’s going to happen, I have no doubt’


TRUMP: "Well, I think they want to do that. I know they want to do that. They want other things along the line. They want to develop as a country. That’s going to happen, I have no doubt. Japan is involved, as you know, and South Korea is very much involved. We’re involved in terms of getting everything, everybody wants the United States so we’re going to help in the process very much, without us it wouldn’t happen. But I think you see a lot of very positive things, including with China. I think you see a lot of very positive thing happening with President Xi, who has helped me quite a bit with this. So we’ll see where it leads. But we’re going to be -- June 12th, we’re going to be in Singapore. It'll be a beginning. I’ve never said it happens in one meeting. You’re talking about years of hostility, years of problems. Years of really hatred between so many different nations. But I think you’re going to have a really positive result in the end, not from one meeting."

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