Steve Hilton on Trump’s Tariffs: ‘The Rules on Trade Have Been Rigged Against the USA for Many, Many Decades’

‘We don’t have free and fair trade now’


HILTON: "It is just hilarious to watch all these people suddenly up in arms about this allegedly free and fair trade system that we have. We don’t have free and fair trade now. The rules on trade have been rigged against the U.S.A. for many, many decades, not just years. Just look at the E.U. On average, the tariffs that the E.U. places on American exports to the E.U. are nearly twice as high as those that we impose on stuff that comes to us from the E.U.. Just take cars, where it is four times as high. When we sell our cars to Europe, they charge 10 percent. When they sell their cars to us, we charge 2.5 percent. So, it's never been fair and finally we’ve got a president that's fighting back. Of course they don’t like it."

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