Sean Duffy: Trump’s Right to Say He’s Not Going to Let American Manufacturers or Consumers Be Run Over by China Again

‘We were hoping China would take good faith efforts to reduce some of their barriers’

DUFFY: "I’m a little confused, like you are, Rick. Here is what’s going on on the back side. We were hoping China would take good faith efforts to reduce some of their barriers to make commitments in regard to the stealing of intellectual property. They haven’t gone far enough. The president will keep the steel and aluminum tariffs off the table. If we don’t deal with China today, can we deal with the unfair trade imbalance they have with them and they steal our intellectual property and put up barriers to our american-produced goods. Can we deal them later? We have to deal with them today. So President Trump is right to say I’m going to push this. It’s a fine dance I’m doing but I won’t let the American manufacturer or consumer get run over by China any longer. 

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