Michael Steele: Boehner Is Right, ‘the Republican Party Is in a Self-Induced Coma’

‘And they will be there as long as the president wants them there’


STEELE: “He nailed it. It's the party of Trump, the Trump party. The Republican Party is in a coma, a self-induced coma. And they will be there for as long as the President wants them there, because there is not a man or woman that’s in leadership — and by leadership I am not just talking about the Ryans of the world. I’m talking about anyone who has 'representative' or 'senator' in front of their name that’s prepared to stand up while in office, while serving, and say, 'You, sir, have gone too far. This is not who we are. This is not what this country is about. And we are going do things differently.'”

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