Varney: The Media Is Biased Against Trump to a Degree We’ve Never Seen Before

‘How could ESPN rehire the hate monger, Keith Olbermann?’


VARNEY: "In the last 24 hours the media’s contempt for President Trump has been on full display. Whether you like the President or not, there is no excuse for this. The media is biased to a degree we’ve never seen before. How could ESPN rehire the hate monger, Keith Olbermann? He has a foul mouth and he's called the President a Nazi among other things, but he’s back, and he is working for Bob Iger, the head of Disney who just fired Roseanne Barr because of her racist tweet. Disney displays a double standard here. Same with a ESPN anchor who called our president a white supremacist. She works for Disney and Iger, but she wasn’t fired, nor did she apologize to the President who she had so grossly insulted. When the President signed the Right-to-try bill into law yesterday, the media largely turned away. That is absurd. It is important legislation, offering some hope to many people with no hope. But you see, it’s a positive story for the Trump Administration. That’s why most of the media ignored it. "

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