DeSantis: Not Normal to Deploy a Spy Against the Opposition’s Campaign, the Agencies Were Not Trying to Protect Trump

‘The way the FBI and potentially other agencies did that was not trying to protect then candidate Donald Trump’


DeSANTIS: "Well, the way the F.B.I. and potentially other agencies did that was not trying to protect then-candidate Donald Trump. If you had a problem with somebody on the periphery of the campaign, the obvious thing to do is to go brief the campaign and brief Donald Trump. And guess what Donald Trump would have done? If it was some tangential figure, he would say, 'Okay, we will not have them involved in the campaign.' Instead, they deployed this informant to spy on the campaign and he was trying to manufacture contact with Papadopoulos, with Sam Clovis, you know, with these people. And he was doing it over and over again. And he may not have been the only one, Brian. So, when you are deploying surveillance powers, counterintelligence powers, against an opposition party’s campaign, that is not normal. And I think that is not what Americans want the F.B.I. to be doing."

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