Kurtz: The Line Roseanne Bar Crossed Was So Egregious that There Was No Rehabilitation

‘You won’t see her on any other network’


KURTZ: "A lot of comedians and television personalities have said dumb, crude and offensive things on Twitter or even on the air, but I think ABC executives, who have been trying to position ABC as a network of diversity, tolerance, all that, just felt she had crossed the line so far, and then she defended it. What planet do you have to be on to talk about 'Planet of the Apes' and a black person? I just think ABC made a judgment, even though it will lose probably $60 million in revenues, had the number one show, got a lot of praise for putting it on the air, the line Roseanne Barr crossed was to egregious that there was no rehabilitation. I don't think you will see her on any other network wither, Stuart."

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