Eugene Robinson: ABC Knew What They Were Hiring with Roseanne

‘They knew what they were hiring’


ROBINSON: “They knew what they were hiring. They knew that, they knew in the past, they knew she had tweeted an equally racist thing about Susan Rice when she was in the White House, for example, comparing her also to an ape. And all of these other paranoid fringe right-wing crazy things that she tweeted. And if reports are to be believed, and I think they are, obviously they’re aware of all this. They were sort of watching all this. And that’s actually one reason it moved so fast, because they have this sort of record and saw this was so clearly over any rational line. This isn’t going to get better. This isn’t redeemable. So they said, you know, ‘If we’re going to end the show, when do we do that? How about now?’ And they just decided to move very quickly and I think that was the right thing to do.”

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