Al Sharpton: People Like Roseanne Felt Empowered Because of Trump

‘People are not going to take it’


SHARPTON: "Oh, they did the reporting live from thing and I think it’s important, the statement they made because what I think we’re dealing with is those that are still trying to turn us back into a day that that is considered normal. And I think we can’t get away from the fact if it starts raining you look for clouds. The clouds that have been put over this country to try and bring us back to where this is normal, to take a well-educated beautiful woman like Valerie Jarrett, which they did similar to Michelle Obama and president Obama and equate them with monkeys is not acceptable and we cannot tolerate it. When you have a president that started his political career on birtherism saying that he’s not one of us when he did everything he could to do dog whistling around this issue of race, people like Roseanne feel they’re empowered. Well, they got the memo today you’re not empowered, people are not going to take it."

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