‘The View’ Hits Trump for ‘Tone-Deaf’ Memorial Day Tweet, Credits Obama for Economy

‘I think the greatest point is that we should be talking about our fallen soldiers who lost their lives for our country’

The View Destroys Trump For ‘Tone-Deaf’ Memorial Day Tweet: ‘Your Fricking Communications Team’ Should Stop You (Mediaite)

President Donald Trump‘s Memorial Day tweet was roundly panned on Twitter Monday, and also by the ladies of The View Tuesday.

Whoopi Goldberg began the skewering session by noting that many, including veterans, said the message was “tone-deaf,” to which Joy Behar replied: “Duh.”

“First of all, Obama pulled the U.S. out of the great recession and the economy has been steadily improving since. So he can’t really take credit for anything that he’s done,” Behar continued.

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