Rep. Tom Cole: Clyburn’s Impeachment Talk Is a ‘Democratic Fantasy’

‘The only people I ever hear talk about impeachment are Democrats’

MELVIN: “Let’s talk about what Congressman Clyburn just brought up there. Would you, at this point, rule out any effort in the House to bring up impeachment proceedings against President Obama?”
COLE: “The only people I ever hear talk about impeachment are Democrats. I think it’s always for political purposes. I certainly don't see --” [Crosstalk]
MELVIN: “Congressman, you know that’s not true. We've heard from your Republican colleagues over the past six months at least talk about that –-“
COLE: “Very seldom. Very seldom and usually in response to something Democrats have said. No impeachment legislation is pending. None has been proposed. I know of no one who favors that as a course that’s in a leadership position. So, again, I think this is a Democrat fantasy and I certainly don't see it coming to pass.”


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