Giuliani: We Are Not Going To Sit Trump Down with Mueller ‘If This Is a Trap for Perjury’

HEMMER: Right. You are right about that and there will be stops and starts along the way and we should be certainly aware of all that. But you said the summit needs to be decided before the Mueller matter moves forward, so let’s move to the Mueller now.

This weekend, you said you would not go forward with Mueller until you understand what was happening with an informant with the Trump campaign.

So, sir, what was this person doing with the campaign?

GIULIANI: Well, I mean, I don’t know that yet. I haven’t been told that.

I mean, it just further reiterates what I’ve come to conclude after two months of being in this and the president obviously knew from very early on, which is this is rigged. I mean, you got 13 Democrats. You’ve got a focus on things that didn’t happen, no Russia collusion, no obstruction, just defending yourself. And now, we are into the basis of it being illegitimate.

Look at Professor Calabresi’s article just a few days ago about his question whether there should even be an investigation because of the fact that they switched over from counterintelligence to criminal, and we don’t — I want to know, did they get in the evidence in that counterintelligence probe? I think they didn’t. So, you know, that was — casts doubt.


HEMMER: So, you know, when you say they you don’t think they did or they did not as you just referred to there. Do you have that on good information?

Because there were two classified briefings just on Thursday this week and I’m told no documents were shown, no one has talked about the briefing. There was a short statement that was given by Adam Schiff and he read it off of a piece of paper.

So, I — what can you learn or perhaps now, what do you know about this informant?

GIULIANI: What I know is just what I speculate, not anything that has been said to me. No one has shared it with me. I’m positive they shared it with the president. But probably at this point, it’s better that we don’t know.

We have to know, however before we can recommend to the president whether to be interviewed (ph). When you look at the backdrop of this rigged investigation, when you look at how they treated Manafort, how they spun off into Cohen, how they are chasing things in the Middle East — I mean, the reality is, we are not going to sit him down if this is a trap for perjury. And until — we are convinced of that. And if they don’t show us these documents, well, we are just going to have to say no.

Let me emphasize, he wants to explain that he did nothing wrong. It’s us the lawyers who have to convince him that this is a trap.

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