Graham: China and North Korea Think They Can Play Trump But They’re Going to Learn They Can’t

‘There would be no nuclear North Korea without China’s help’


GRAHAM: "Here is what you need to understand about President Trump and North Korea. Within a move being president he said to me, everybody before we let this this get out of hand. I am going to end this situation with North Korea. He prefers to do it with difficult ploam say. If he has to use nuclear force he’ll. When? In his first term? Why? If he lets them get stronger they will sell it and Donald Trump is going to Brit to an end. John Kerry and Obama would crawl through glass to get a deal with the ayatollah. China pulled North Korea back. China believes that they can play trump. I think North Korea believes they can play trump. Here is what they are going to learn, they can’t. There would be no nuclear north Korea without China’s help. What China needs to understand if you don’t help us through diplomacy, the war will be in your backyard, not ours."

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