David Cicilline: Trump’s ‘Demonstrated’ the ‘Absence’ of a Plan for North Korea

‘So I’m concerned about it’


CICILLINE: "I see more reason for concern. I think like most people, I was cautiously optimistic that maybe something would come — something positive could come out of this summit. But this is more chaos and confusion. Evidence that there is not a well-developed strategy and the president said everyone is playing games. This is serious business. To denuclearize the Korean peninsula and I think what the president has demon stlat — demonstrated the absence of a plan and strategy and expertise to develop a good strategy here. So I’m concerned about it. I don’t know whether the summit will happen. But if it does, the president needs to understand the history on the Korean peninsula, what kind of actions the north Koreans have taken in the past, where they promised to do something and then broken their word and go into this in a sober way to understand their intentions and to is a tempt to craft a diplomatic resolution of a very serious threat to our country."

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